Blog 1– Where does it all come from?

We were formed.  We were made.  We developed.  We were delivered.  We were born.  But how did that happen?  How did a human live inside another human being for nine months?  How can some animals carry their babies for longer?  It all comes back to the presence of one thing.  One miraculous creation.  One that we do not think about until it is already there.

The placenta keeps fetuses alive.  I believe that this is a miracle within itself.  A human mother develops this life source for her child before it is even born.  The mother is already providing for that baby before it even begins to develop.  Everything the fetus needs at that point is created within the mother’s body.  This absolutely blows my mind.

The placenta is created to help the baby survive for nine months inside the mother’s womb, but then it is just thrown out after delivery?  That was the child’s life source.  I know there is research continuing about the placenta, but how long will it take until we know what we really need to about it?  What should we do with them in the meantime?  Should we donate them to science?  Should we fry them up and eat them?  Should we consume them raw? Should we freeze them for later?  Should we grind them up and put them into pill capsules?  I know many cultures believe differently and even have their own cultures regarding the placenta.  The Balinese believe that the placenta is sacred and is the infant’s guardian angel.  The parents ritually bury the organ in a special cemetery.  What is the right answer?  I have no idea, but I’m excited to see what we find out.

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3 thoughts on “Blog 1– Where does it all come from?

  1. I have never viewed a placenta with such high regard as I do now (after reading this blog post). A placenta is extremely important and because of it, everyone on this earth is who they are! So why do we not treat it as such after it is used? If the Egyptians can build gigantic pyramids for the death of a person that has done little to contribute to their well-being, why can’t we do something extravagant for the organ that is responsible for our existence? Again… I never thought about this until now. Awesome!

    -Jasmin W.


  2. The placenta is something that has always interested me. I like how you pointed out that this was our life source and then it is just thrown out in most cases. It seems as if we are so in the dark about how important it should be to us. I find it interesting that the placenta is seen as a guardian angel in some places. This makes me think back to more primal life. Wen looking at animals such as wolves the mother eats the placenta after birth. Do they have it all figured out? Is that what we should be doing? or should we send them off to be made into pills to be taken daily? These are all questions that i don’t have answers for, but i do know that the placenta was so important for the development of a child, so why does it become worthless once the baby is born. I think that more research should be dine to see if there are health benefits to consuming the placenta or if it has any uses outside of the womb.


  3. Real interesting take on the placenta. I loved how unique this post was! I never really gave much thought to the placenta and how valuable it really is outside of a textbook context. I, too, am excited to see what else we learn and develop in the future with placentas!


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