Friends Until When?

So I remember back in middle school, where everyone thought they were really cool and everyone talked about everyone else. Why was that even a thing? I think I learned a lot about people during that time. I had my friends and they were very important to me. So important that I wanted to quit gymnastics, which I had been doing for over ten years at the time, and join the cheerleading team. A lot of my friends were joining, so I obviously just wanted to fit in and be with them most of the time.

I had my group of friends and we all thought we would be best friends forever. Unfortunately, situations changed. I look back now and I can realize just how important my friends were to me, how big of an influence they had on my life, and how much time I spent with them. I wanted so badly to fit in. It was harder for me because I always had practice, so I couldn’t go out and do the things most kids did at the time. My friends didn’t seem to mind. They took care of me. We picked on each other in a loving way. We used to plan our lives forever. I think we all realize now how naive we all sounded. We all wanted the same thing: to be accepted by our peers.

I also remember that my mom finally allowed me to get a cell phone in about 7th grade. That only facilitated the friendships even more. We could call and text constantly. If a thought popped into our heads, we would send it to each other. I valued my friends as one of the most important aspects of my life. I felt as though I needed them in my life. So many things happen at that stage of life, we all needed support and acceptance from our peers. It made those awkward middle school years go by much quicker and easier.

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School was one of the largest avenues in which I made my friends. I know that is true for most children here. We are all forced to be in the same place day after day. You are eventually going become acquainted with other people and form relationships.  Honestly, I could not say that I am really in contact with my first best friend anymore. We just drifted apart. But in the UK, a quarter of adults are still in contact with their first best friend.

Obviously, I can look back at these memories fondly, but these friendships didn’t last like we wanted them to. We all can still talk, but we aren’t as close as we used to be. I will always be able to call them if I need anything, but I think someone doesn’t fine their “true friends” until college. I still have a couple of people in my life from my middle school days that have stuck around this long, but now is when you realize if the friendships will last. A lot of my friends went to different schools, so it isn’t as easy to see them as it used to be when we were all forced to go to the same school and same classes. Now, I don’t need to talk to them every minute. I don’t even need to talk to them every day. I think it has actually helped me to realize who I am as a person and who is really there for me. I’m definitely not bashing my friends from my childhood, I would never do that.

I’m simply saying that as a person ages, friendships grow deeper. So, thank you to all of my friends for having my back and loving me. Y’all have helped to shape me into the person I am now and the woman I am aspiring to be.

“One in Four Are Still in Touch with Their Childhood Best Friend.” Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 10 Nov. 2010. Web. 15 Nov. 2016.


2 thoughts on “Friends Until When?

  1. It is incredible how much our friends shape our lives, especially when we are younger. The need to fit in is felt by every child from middle school until college whether they want to admit it or not and this will dictate how they present themselves.


  2. I think its very interesting that we place such emphasis in middle school and high school to find friends that will last us a lifetime, when most of my friends from that time period, I do not speak with anymore. I also think its interesting that even now in my life, I’m still meeting people who I was to remain friends with for many years to come, and its happening later than society tells us it should happen.


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